Body Beautiful needed an upstart logo.

This client had an idea in their mind and a hope that it would capture the clienteles’ vision. After a meeting we created a branding that would set them apart.

Warren Morgan’s E-Communications wanted a new more modern image.

We discussed the hopes and ideas the client had in mind a came up with a projection design that harnessed their vision.

Meriwether County needed an upgrade.

The client expressed their desire to give a facelift to the rural small town image. We discussed the details of visual importance of the crest and website. Our idea was to present a majestic image for Meriwether County.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church wanted to make an impact that spoke of a more modern approach.

The client gave many details of what the logo should portray and was very involved in all aspects of the creative direction. We welcomed all the client’s input as we produced a product everyone could be proud of for years to come.