In charge of all marketing and branding for the National Infantry Museum, I started with recreating the corporate identity. I took the “Follow Me” soldier from the original logo and the stencil font and created an identity which solved two problems. The vertical logo created a problem for usage on the website and the color and gradients made the logo difficult to reproduce. By making the soldier the “I” of NIM I was able to create a design which became much easier to reproduce and works better with marketing material including that of inverted knockout for items such as shirts or dark print.

My Success Story

It was my responsibility to create relationships with partners, printers, and outside organizations in hopes that we would leverage our connections into more exposure. I managed to expand the marketing into 7 partner stores including White Water Express, Stars & Strikes, Fort Moore’s Post Xchange, and many more. Each day our reach was increased with advertising on WRBL, WXTX and local radio stations. The website traffic has grown from nine thousand visitors each month to sixteen thousand visitors each month. Under my supervision the social media reach expanded from 90k followers to 150k followers across media platforms.

I created a ceremonial coin 3 inches in diameter. While working with the museum I also created the coin in both 2022 and 2023 for the annual Global War On Terror Memorial.

The above images are the 2021 Annual, the book for the 20 Year Anniversary of the Iraq War Symposium, and the 2022 Gala program design. These booklets were highlights of some of the many products designed at the National Infantry Museum.