The client had a desire to rebrand and start marketing for new clients. We ascertained the demographics were middle aged men and women directly in the tradeshow industry. I first recreated their identity branding from a logo that was unrecognizable to an ambigram which looks the same when flipped upside down. This translated well to all of the trucks, shirts, and other marketing material.

My Success Story

In the time working with Design Group, I was able to help fix a problem which partly led to the benefit of the companies financial growth. My specialty has been not only designing but finding the need of each client and helping to build a solution. My team and I found a problem with mistakes causing the company upwards of $200,000 each year. After fixing the issue we found productivity increased and so did the profit. The company after just two years of my help grew from $1.2 million to $2 million in annual sales.

The client was in need of advertising in the digital market. Our team began to create magazine and social media advertising offering tradeshow fulfillment services with this new branding and light-hearted perspective. The perspective clients found this message both humorous and helpful.

The client was in need of  an update of the website and marketing materials with the redesign of the logo. We showcased the logo with each person’s contact info left aligned. The ambigram was featured on the back of the business cards in the company red inverted. This would help to re-enforce the new corporate ID which would be seen on trucks, ads, signage, and etc.