National Infantry Museum

In charge of all marketing and branding for the National Infantry Museum, I started with recreating the corporate identity. It was my responsibility to create relationships with partners, printers, and outside organizations in hopes that we would leverage our connections into more exposure. I managed to expand the marketing into 7 partner stores including White […]

Branding for a new client

Client wanted to create a new business model where she offers therapy to what she considered an under marketed demographic. The direction was to create a visual that felt masculine and soft or inviting.

Birthing a new organization

I was commissioned by the Georgia Youth Football Association to create the corporate branding for the birthing organization. The company wasn’t able to launch but here are some of my favorite designs I came up with.

Corporate Branding Change

The client had a desire to rebrand and start marketing for new clients. We ascertained the demographics were middle aged men and women directly in the tradeshow industry. I first recreated their identity branding from a logo that was unrecognizable to an ambigram which looks the same when flipped upside down. This translated well to […]